I was recently in Quebec City for a 24hr getaway. How lucky I was to enjoy balmy temperatures of 14 C with rain….NOT! And all I had were capris, sandals and a thin little sweater. Well at least this situation permitted me to discover a little epicurean delight I might have missed had it been July like weather (in July!)

Yes, the lovely aroma of chocolate called our names and nothing was more comforting then the feeling of the hot nectar of the Gods flowing down our throats and warming us up. And what a hot chocolate it was! I think this is a rival to Montreal’s Juliette et Chocolat. NOW WAIT here me out before screaming in protest to my last blasphemic comment! It is not served the same wait, it is not comparable if you match it cup to cup…..but I have to say the hot Chocolate found at Erico Choco-Musée had a certain ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ that was superior. Only down fall was not having bigger cups for sale! There is no real how-to info for me to share so just go the Quebec city and try it.

Of course you can buy all the chocolate you want in the store but the real main attraction here is the Chocolate Museum. Attached to the store is a room filled with Chocolate history, facts, equipment and art. Its a real fun attraction for the kids with a few interactive stations.

Now I would say the best find here is a pamphlet on the health benefits of chocolate. Next time someone tells you to stop eating so much chocolate, well tell them how its in your best interest to improve and uphold your great health.  See some facts about dark chocolate:

– 100gr. of dark chocolate has the same amount of fiber then 100gr. of whole wheat bread.

– contains serotonin, which helps fight stress and depression

– contains fluorine to help FIGHT cavities, not cause them!

– contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12, D, and a slew of minerals like copper, iron, magnesium, etc.

See how good chocolate is for you!!!!

Hugs and biscuits