I love going to kitchen stores or departments and look at the newest designs, equipments or inventions.. I also like shinny things he he. So the dinnerware sets section always calls out my name in a melodious song.

Cooking is creative but I think table presentation is an extension of my artist talent’s. A pretty table puts everyone in a happy and receptive mood. Obviously I am not alone since the there is a most amazing multitude of china patterns, sterling silver flatware, glassware, table cloths and table decorations. I particularly like pretty flatware. Many years ago I briefly studied jewelery making so I know what is involved in the making of it. Check out also the Pfaltzgraff Dinner plates while on their site, there is a great selection.

Once you have settled on your menu – a great place to choose your recipes is on The Food Network – prepared your meal…please do not forget table presentation. After all it reflects on your personality!