When I wanted to make the reservation for the group, the owner was very hesitant to take a reservation for the number of people I asked him. Even to reserve on weekdays, it was very complicated.

Now after being there I understand why he was so hesitant. Braseiro is a small place. The place is so popular that the tables are used several times for different customers. The decor is very simple.  A couple of paintings are hanging on the wall.

The service was fast and the waiters and waitress were very nice and efficient. Considering the number of people we were, we could see that they are used to have the place full of people and not being overloaded.

The food was excellent. The menu was mainly consisting of barbecue meats. But there were also other dishes such as the cod and fries. The portions were large. The most popular among the group was the mix platter made with barbecue chicken, sausage and a piece of meat. The desserts were also excellent especially the chocolate crème caramel.

I highly recommend this place but reserve few days before if you don’t want to have any bad surprises.