I am a list freak. I always have about 3 lists going on at the same time with scratch outs and corrections. And I usually have a grocery shopping list as well. If you are organized and stick to a shopping list, your grocery bill tends to be a lot lower. If you go to the  store without a list, you tend to buy more expensive items that are convenient or just needed.

But maybe you hate doing lists. Well here is a great site to make the task easier. List2Shop is a site that allows you to create your free grocery shopping list. The site is 100% free.

Here is how it works. In the shopping section you just click what type of product you want, refine the search AND you can even delegate them by store! You can order them by priority and take notes like prices in fliers and coupons you may have. Each store has it’s own section on the list.You can do a list without registering but if you become a member you ca use the My Favorites area where you can save items you purchase on a regular basis as part of your shopping list. Once you are done just print your list and off you go to the store.

Worried they won’t have the item you buy or the store you prefer? Well you can also add items and stores to this list manually and save them in your faves. When you add and item/store it is only accessible to you so the database does not get cluttered. But worry not the database is already very extensive.

If you are on Facebook make sure to become a fan of their page to keep up with updates.