Every Friday I ask a question on my social media account CulturEatz on Instagram and I love seeing the responses I get. I am always amazed by the variety and creativity of my followers.

For the past months, I ask a question a week on CulturEatz on Instagram. I really think some fans await the moment weekly as I get tons of responses. The posts get fewer likes overall than food pics but I get between 30 and 100 responses, and the Instagram algorithm likes that a lot.

And make sure to check your writing with a good online grammar checker like this free one before posting, even on social media.

CulturEatz on Instagram

Instagram Advice: So if you have been struggling to get followers and stuff, this might be something you want to try. Just ask a question a week on the same day.

Plus it is a really fun way to interact with your audience. Check out this Friday Question posts and some of the answers I got…

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And here are some of the answers to this question of CulturEatz on Instagram:

trulytracileigh Is cake food? I want to make and try a real Black Forest cake.
tomasjdellamorte Black pudding.
he_jie_7_11 Three cup chicken from a mainland China restaurant 🙂
imd_in_lusonia I don’t know what they are, but I’m sure there are various fruits I would like and haven’t tried…
jasoneatsitall I would like to honor my Scottish roots and try haggis.
sarajoyb Kobe Beef Steak… In Japan… Then hop over to Australia while I’m there… Hey if I’m dreaming I’m going BIG!
mysterious_funny_gal Yorkshire pudding. Also Australian and French food
kitchich I’ve never tried Wagyu before…. 😫😉
dcfoodfreak Could not answer an hour ago but finally found one . Kong-Guksu
jbharland1 Yes the pancakes that @antarctica.starts.here is having today 🥞
jacquiebisou Authentic Korean BBQ!!!
zmedas76 I want to try a huge Indian Thali!
magnus_janson Wagyu meat
magparmentier Food made by a Chef étoilé
mia_makes_1 Any American candy that you don’t really get in other countries. Can anyone recommend some good ones?😋
malidiah Banyak sekali…yang tidak berasal dari negaraku…👌👌👍👍
rebibia66 soft shell crabs
ah_hee_52 Yes, so much, so many different cuisines
hita_hieko Hmmm u know insect fried in Malaysia or Thailand street food 🕷🐛🦂 🤔 😵 extremely for me but maybe must try ……. Maybe
kultura0621 The original birds nest soup of China.
steerwater21 French foie gras 😘
ttd_traveller Frogs legs 😁👌
rodrigoflaviomota PIEMONTE TRUFFLES
anna_mangiu Well I would like to try many different cuisines..at the moment I keep thinking about Thai food..I hope is my next one to try 😁
earthsalchemy Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake. It looks too good😋
steve_ray71 Deep fried lambs brains
flyingcandyxoxo59 I always seem to think of the foods I’d rather not try…..but I have never had a” real Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia PA” I don’t want one from anywhere else but the true source.👋😊

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Pretty cool answers, right? Comment below on my blog your answer to the Friday Question:

  • What is a food you MUST try that you haven’t yet?