T-minus 16 days to the holidays. Time is flying back way to fast. I just sent out my wish list to the family and got theirs. Not a single gift has been purchased yet? How about you? Have you done all your shopping yet?

I sent my reality wish list of course, not the imaginary one. My imaginary list contains a DSLR camera, a new bed and mattress set, a car, a 1 year trip around the world. Some items on that list are still a little more realistic though but perhaps I will have to save up for them. One such item is pots and pans. I am getting really tired of the set I bought when I moved out of my parent’s house. It still is good but it is below me now lol. A new kitchen battery is a priority. And how I would love a set copper cookware!

Many top chefs say the best pots are formed of a thick layer of copper with a thin inner layer of tin. The copper is know for its ability to rapidly transfer heat and distribute it evenly. But not all copper cookware is made equal. The weight and lining of copper cookware are the important factors to look out for. For optimum performance the copper should be 1/8 inch thick (2.5mm). As mentioned above the favored lining is tin as it is almost as good a conductor of heat as copper. You’ll find a great selection of quality copper pots and pans on the Ruffoni website.