Thank you for all that came to celebrate our Christmas dinner this past Saturday at the Swiss restaurant, the Alpenhaus. We were a great group of 29 sticking our fondue forks in the fondue dish.

I think we would all agree that the owners went all out to recreate a true Swiss cottage lost somewhere on a peek in the Alps. Its very cheesy but in a cute way. Cow bells, wood beams and decorative wood cut-outs are everywhere. Even a working fire place that heated the place up BIG TIME. Put on a sleeveless top ladies.

We had a special group menu of fondue, fondue and more fondue. First up was a tasty cheese fondue to pig out on. Then the main course fondue was a choice of Chinese, Chicken of à la Bourgignone. Only downside there is that we must be 4 per dish so better sit next to someone who wants the same. My group of 4 had the Chinese and it was ok. The neighboring group had the Bougignone…I had a bite and wished that is what I had ordered. So good! And finally of course the meal was finished of with a chocolate fondue. I do have to say the choice of fruits was a bit uninspiring and plain.

Two negative comments: the service was not to the height of my expectations. It was a little nonchalant, except for the cuter blond waiter, and they could have been more attentive…and smile. Ok so maybe they are all real Swisses and although lovely people (count some in my friends) not the most expressive. Second comment….a little over priced for that type of meal it should have been a bit more different.

But all and all everyone seemed to have a great time, we again had new faces that I hope to see regularly. Most people even dressed up a bit more then normal for the occasion. It was just so nice to spend a last dinner meal as a group for this year of 2007. Get ready for many more to come in 2008.

Hugs and Biscuits,