Well since I seem to be in a candy mode with may last post (grrr have no sugar treats at home right now) I thought I would share with you my own little candy recipe. Its not a new recipe but this is my version. Its a quick one and a great hit. I have brought it many time at pot-lucks.

 sugar 007

What you need:

  • whole dates
  • almonds or marzipan
  • chocolate, you choice

How to make them:

1. If the dates are not pitted slice one lenths and remove pit.
2. Stuff date with an almond. If using mazipan take a small piece and shape it like an almond and stuff in the date.

sugar 005

3. Melt chocotale on low heat in a pan
4. Dip 1 date at a time in the chocolate to cover completely and place on a baking sheet covered with wax paper.

5. Put in fridge till chocolate has hardened
6. Enjoy !!!

If you want to can sprinkle on still cooling dipped dates with coconut, nuts, cocoa powder, etc.

Hugs and Biscuits