Chipotle y Jalapeno is one of those small venues that gets its fame from word of mouth. When it turns out that your specialty is Mexican cuisine and both your staff and your clientele share that same background, it’s obvious you’re doing something right. In the case of this small place, they seem to do everything right at a small scale. You’ve step into someone’s kitchen and they have a few things for you to smell and taste. None of the easy dishes that you can find anywhere, today we had our pick of tamales, molletes, chilaquiles, or huevos rancheros o la mexicana. I had the chilaquiles. The dishes were served promptly and spiced generously.

Even the desserts were an experience. I had the pleasure of having the concha, a sweet pastry that you just tear apart and eat with your hands.

Definitely a place that should be at the top of your list whenever you feel like having something south of the border with a lot more class, a lot more flavor and lot less expensive than any of the larger chains that claim to know Mexican cuisine.

Writen by Agustin