Oh boy did we have fun!

On Aug 22nd 12 of us set out to explore the Mondial Gourmand festival that took place on Ile Ste-Hélène. As we got there we were not sure how to go about navigating the site as a group as different people wanted to try out different kiosks. But we did a first investigation round and took note of what we wanted to try. The we went in separate groups and had meet up times during the event. Here is a list of things we sampled:

  • dear
  • kangaroo (yep you read it right)
  • bastilla (Morcan chicken sweet pie)
  • strawberry wine slush
  • conch
  • huge turkey legs
  • killer martinis
  • ostrich
  • churos
  • fudge

OK that is what I can remember the others had other stuff for sure he he.

There was plenty of entertainment with dancing (an extra free show of Richard with a girl at the Cuban stand). Those left at the end of our 4 hours food exploration trip finished of the evening with martinis. At this point I think I can safely say we were all VERY tipsy, satiated, and everyone had a blast. I highly recommend you go next year. It is a fun event to do as a group.

Hugs and Biscuits