I had a blog a while back about a great place I discovered with a friend for a Sunday brunch. Even though the menu is simple and not quite so ethnic (but a bit) I though it was a great place for a Cheap Eatz. 27 of us had a great evening there. For a fancy burger joint it was quite good. The best part ws the long list of Martinis…delish! Service was slow ofr one table but the staff are friendly as usual.

A great thing of this evening particular evening was the high number of new faces we got meet. A really great new bunch that I look forward to seeing again.
Oh and for the oldies…no its not OK to throw marbles at the organizer’s head…yeah…you know who you are lol 😉

Café Local is on ST-Viateur by l’Esplanade.

Hugs and Biscuits,