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One great peculiarity many restaurateurs offer Montrealers is the BYOW (Apportez votre vin) option, an acronym for “bring your own wine” dating back to the 1950s. Well it’s a great marketing technique I think. The wine list price found on most restaurant menus are just ridiculous…often 3 times the price of the SAQ. Its cheaper for the restaurant, as they only need alcohol serving permit, not a selling permit. Permitting BYOW also permits the client to control his spending on booze, and will incite to spend more on quality food.

Plus you can try wines you would never find on menus. It’s a good idea to know where you are going first as to appropriately pair the wine with the food (wow that is a whole other blog). Even if you don’t know if you are in the mood for chicken of beef, you can choose a wine according to the cuisine – flavorings, and spices, seafood specialties, etc – of the restaurant you are going to.

My Cheap Ethnic Eatz BYOW recommendations:

  • De Damas à Bagdad (Iraki and Syrian)
  • Eduardo Laurier or Duluth (Italian)
  • Khyber Pass (Afghan)
  • La Selva (Peruvian)
  • Les Saveurs (French Fusion)
  • Punjab Palace (Indian)
  • Sushi-Moushi (Japanese)

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