Our last dinner was a Mistery Dinner. The concept was a success the first time so I decided to do it again. What is it? Well I have members meet me at a public location…this time Lionel-Groulx metro, and then take then to a mistery location. No one knows what the restaurant will be.

This time I choose a suggested place: the Burgundy Lion Pub on Notre-Dame and Charlevoix. It was a great evening of really good pub food. I would even say upgraded fancy pub food. Unfortunately the bill did reflect this a bit but alcohol also runs a bill high. But it was delish. The only complaint I heard was there were too many fries in the Fish and Chip platter. However the Fish and Chip was far above average compared to other pubs.

Here are a few pics of the dishes we enjoyed that night:

Cod Fish Cakes – Shank of Roast Lamb

Scotch Eggs – Yorkshire Pudding

Bangers and mash – Sticky Toffee Cake

It was a very fun dinner and we had a fun and quirky waitress devoted to us all night. I recommend the Burgundy Lion Pub cocktail too for something different. A great place for an upscale pub group outing.

Hugs and Biscuits