Quiet on the blogging front this weekend as it is a long one with Labor Day celebrations. Enjoy!

Remember Mathilde from Bordeaux with whom I had an amazing Foodie Exchange? Well a while back she contacted me asking for a very specific product (real maple extract, really hard to find actually)  and we agreed to a small exchange again. And Again she went out of her way which a huge amazing package….

  • Merlot wine confit
  • Chili Mustard
  • Foie Gras
  • Cherry jam
  • Tea

I will have to send her a little something again….whether she likes it or not 😉

Thank you so much Mathilde for an amazing exchange. Would you like to do such an exchange with a fellow foodie? Then join us on the Foodie Exchange right now. We are a group for foodies from around the planet who wish to exchange their local food specialties as a care package with other foodies.