Did you read me right?

On June 14th 2015 I wrote in my 8th blog Blogiversary post: “And just so I have it inked here, I do plan on revamping the site in the coming months! Hold me to my word and make me accountable lol.

Yes, I am taking the leap and decided to rebrand my blog!

Why did you make this decision?

The MO of the blog will not change. It will still be about discovering the different cuisines, ingredients and flavors found in dishes from around the world. I will further develop a new section dedicated to Montreal: new restaurants, great finds, outings, etc. But what really prompted the rebranding decision was the current name. It just has not been sitting right with me for some time.

When Cheap Ethnic Eatz was a dinner group it worked fine. It was self-explanatory: we went to affordable exotic restaurants. Without the dinner group the name always felt a little off. Cheap: can be seen as a negative. Ethnic: what does that mean, are we talking about people? do potential readers get offended? The only world I still liked was Eatz (and it is staying…hint, hint).

I want a new, modern and sophisticated name, look and feel.

What should you, the reader, expect next?

Today’s post is just to tell you about my rebranding project.
But the next post will be a big reveal: I will be announcing the new name!!!!!

How will the blog change?

I am so EXCITED about rebranding! And my brain is freaking out. And my emotions are out of whack. It seems like an GIGANTIC process. I thought I could do it all in one swoop and say…VOILÀ, here is my new blog!

But the honest truth is, besides the new name, I have no idea what changes will come. I am open to all possibilities and will experiment. Nothing is set in stone. Logos will keep being tested and will change on the site. I am working on a few taglines too.

But I decided to go slow and I am taking you along for the ride! If you are considering a rebrand then follow my posts and learn from my victories and mistakes. I will keep you up to date at every step so my fans will know what is going on and I hope to get as much feedback from you all as possible. So feel free to drop me a line at any time!

So..what do you think of my rebranding news? Are you as ecstatic as I am?

Thank you all for your constant support! xoxo