Hello everyone,

Another snow storm…I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!! Freaking 45 min in the bus this morning instead of 15 min…arrgghhh. Ok, thanks for letting me rant.

So last Feb 5th we closed of the Carnival, or Mardi Gras, at a Brazilian restaurant on St-Denis called Bayou Brazil. I have 4 things to say about this evening and I will order them from best to worse:

  1. There were 2 musicians performing that evening and they were fantabulous. A Brazilian member said they chose a selection of old songs from the 60s…but what do we care we understood nothing and we loved the entertainment.
  1. Food was good. Not excellent, not bad, just good. It did not live quite up to my expectations. Although I did have alligator finally (no it does not taste like chicken). The meat part was good but it was accompanied by band rice and beans, albeit traditional, they were tasteless. What was excellent was my dessert, a coconut cream mousse, and the caipirinhas…they were kick-ass!
  2. The service, ie the waitress. Would it kill her to crack a smile? We were the only people in the restaurant, 16 of us, no one else. She made zero effort to make us feel welcome or be friendly.
  3. Finally…yes a tiny chip on my shoulder…there were 8 NO SHOWS. I was not happy about that. I checked at 5pm and there were still 24 YESse. Please, I put a lot of effort into this, respect me back with proper notice if you are to cancel. There were so many people on the waitlist for this one, really unfair to them.

No I know this place came highly recommended a few times by some members, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the food. I would suggest heading for La Senzala instead. Sorry.

Next dinner is my assistant’s debut…Agustin…the first of many successful events I am sure.

Hugs and biscuits