A couple of weeks back the Cheap Ethnic Eatz group went out for a great Thai dinner at Bato Thai, located in the gay village. Last Time I went to this place was about 4 years ago for lunch. My memory had served me well as I was just as delighted as the first time I had gone. And from the comments I got everyone agreed. It was really a delicious dinner.

The selection on the menu was truly remarkable, particularly the calamari section. There was about 10 different calamari plates to choose from…and none the usual fried rings we are so accustomed too. So this is what I went with. And it was great, no rubbery at all, actually more like butter. And for dessert I was offered one of the specialties…fried ice cream…yummy.

But the food was hardly the highlight of this evening. No. What was the highlight of this event was 2 very special guest that attended our feast: Bruce and Adriana. They are not members of the group.

Who are they? Well Bruce found me and contacted me through this blog actually. He is from San Diego and was coming to Montreal for a conference, accompanied by his lovely wife Adriana. They are true foodies as Bruce takes his time researching restaurants ahead to make sure culinary treats are a big part of their travels. He wrote to me and asked advise on restaurants he had researched. What followed was a lovely exchange of emails and I asked which dates he was planing on being in Montreal, and that I would love for them to attend an event should schedules coincide. He gladly accepted. Since a dinner was not planned I made sure to plan an event while they were here.

It was a really nice experience to share my group with fellow food lovers and I do believe they enjoyed themselves with us very much. Bruce said several times they felt like they had traveled 3000 miles just to come have dinner with us. They also presented me with a lovely gift of about 12 fresh avocados from the home town. Wow…so good. Guacamole anyone…I have lots. Thank you again.

I really hope the future holds another supper with our new friends and I invite anyone who reads this blog that plans on coming to Montreal to hopefully come share a meal with us as well.

Hugs and Biscuist

P.S. Ok this last pic is unrelated to the dinner but too funny. And I gonna quote Bruce here: “That’s me with a Unibrow! Okay, a Unibroue. Still, cracks me up.”

Pictures were graciously donated for use by Aurora (1,3,4) and Bruce (2,5)