Well do you know what is one of the most HIP and HAPPENING ingredients right now? No?….Bacon

Everyone is talking about it, putting it in recipes, making it the start of a meal…its even got a dedicated Shut Up bacon category on this amusing blog that pokes fun a snob-ish foodies.

So my being the ever so avant-garde trend setter (yeah right) I had to jump the band wagon. i saw a couple of chocolate bacon bars and desserts. The curiosity was too strong and pulled me in…I had to try it. So below here I present to you the non sexy and messy but yummy…

Bacon Chocolate Bar

1 dark chocolate bar 3oz
1-2 slices of fried bacon, crumbled
1 smidgen of salt

Melt chocolate delicately and poor in a parchemin paper lined loaf pan.
Sprinkle bacon pieces and stir a bit to cover most of it in chocolate
‘dust’ with a smidgen of salt
Refrigerate until chocolate has solidified

Yes it does actually taste good, you have to try it to believe it!