Yes been lazy a bit, but I am finally getting around to writing about our big buffet outing. First of all I want to thank everyone for coming…all 41 people. Yep we were a HUGE group. A little hectic but it was so nice to see such a big group. It really put a smile on my face.

So you think all buffets are created equal? Not so. Now a buffet will never be, how should I say, a gastronomic experience. But this was as close as a buffet can get to excellent. At least in my opinion. We went to the Buffet Oriental Palace on Newman blvd. I was a little nervous about the whole buffet idea so I did a lot of research on trying to find an adequate place. I was really glad to see such positive comments about my choice of location before hand. Apparently this place already has a good reputation. And off to the food isles we went.

There was a huge selection of food: traditional Chinese-Canadian fare, dumplings, more exotic dishes, even a sushi buffet. I loved the sweet dumplings that where filled with what I believe was a sweet sesame or chestnut paste. Also on my fav list was the General Tao chicken, the shrimps, udon noodles…oh and my fancy cocktail in a flashy porcelain cup…the Scorpion. Nothing I did not enjoy but I can’t say everything was spectacular. Sushi was average. After 2 plates I had my fill but some trudged on for 3 or 4 plates I think lol.

Finally we hit the dessert buffet. Nothing spectacular, as expected, but I must have at least one square of jello while others had their must chinese buffet ice cream fix. Oh yeah, you know who you are 😉 And of course our table had fortune cookies to go around. Can’t remember what mine said but we did the fun game where you add “…. in bed” at the end of your fortune. We had a good laugh indeed.

So over all it was a good meal and I would recommend it. Also its very cheap at $12.99 on weeknights. Buffet Palace Oriental, 7165 Newman blvd, 514-364-6688

Hugs and biscuits,