This is hardly related to ethnic food, or good food for that matter, but I thought it noteworthy of a post here.

On February 11th, 2009, the landmark 24 eatery Les Serres Picasso closed its doors after 30 years. This huge location of 500 seats, located on St-Jacques in NDG, served your run of the mill no-frills smokemeats, pizzas, spagetthis, club sandwich, chicken brochettes and a 24hr breakfast menu. Its was a throw back to my childhood kind of place, rows upon rown of banquet seating.

No it was nothing fancy or worth a write up about. So why is it such a sad annoucement? Picasso was THE hangout joint for late night partiers looking to eat a small breakfast before going to bed as the sun rises, or a great place for brunch for a large family on a tight budget, and of course a place to eat for the clients and working girls of the infamous Les Amazones strip-club located below the restaurant.

I myself have spent a many 4-5am mornings eating with friends, sometimes up to 15 people, after a night of partying. It was a practical location and stick to your ribs food to fill that little hunger building after 3 hours of dancing. Lets have a minute of silence for the passing of one of the few true greasy spoons left in Montreal.

The current economy is the given reason for the closing of Les Serres Picasso. A hopeful silver lining? Peter Sergakis, owner of the buliding, is currently looking for another company to take over the restaurant, and hopes to find a replacement within a few weeks.

Oh! Boys, don’t fret, Les Amazonnes is not affected and is open for business still 😉

Hugs and Biscuits