Well Happy New Year everyone!

And what better way to start a new blog year with sexual content lol. The insipration for this blog came from an email I got from one of the members of Cheap Eatz (you sick, perverted, twisted friend you!…just like me).

Looking to add some risqué cookware and decoration in your kitchen? Then look no further then CocodeMer, a very posh and expensive sex shop located in London and LA. They do have some really cool and unusual things though. But now back to the kitchen…..have you perhaps been looking for…

Outlandish Creations
Penis Salt & Pepper Shakers

or perhaps

Bitch & Wanker Tea Set
by Outlandish Creations

maybe more to your liking would be the

Seven Deadly Sins Plate Set
by Trixie Delicious

and the final touch to decorate your romantic dinner table…

a Red Vulva Candle

Keep in mind, I kept the real rude stuff out, if curious check out the site 😉

Hugs and Biscuits