Thursday’s Thingamajig: what the heck?

Back to our regularly scheduled program….almost. I skipped last week’s Thursday edition as I was on vacation. So many food items I bought on my dining room furniture now and pics to sort on the USB key (food trip post coming, be patient). This week I am back but not to introduce you to some new/unknown kitchen gadget. Oh no! This week I will show you 2 pictures of food products I encountered on my trip that made me shout out : “What the Heck”? I am using the nice word online, I did use the bad ones in reality.

Item no.1 Apple juiceS

A bottle of Minute Maid Apple Juice…with apple juice concentrate from how many countries? US, Argentina, Austria, Chile, China, Germany AND Turkey. What? Talk about globalization and saving a buck to get cheaper outsourced juices. What are the farming, pesticides and labor laws in those countries?

Item no.2 100% Pure Natural Syrup

Served with my pancake at Cracker Barrel. OK this one I had to laugh so hard. The print is too small on the bottle but it does say 55% Maple syrup and 45% Cane syrup. I mean come on…I am from Quebec, the Kingdom of Maple syrup. I eat my pancakes with 100% Maple syrup, period!

We actually have a Quebec slang for the fake stuff: sirop de poteau

…which translates to pole syrup – as in the old wooden telephone or electricity poles – meaning diluted maple syrup or corn syrup imitation (like the Aunt Jemima stuff).

But wait till you find out what I did do with that syrup! I will tell you very soon in a future post…but my friend literally FLIPPED OUT on me and looked around in shame to make sure no fellow Southerner should have witnessed my sacrilegious action!

5 comments to Thursday’s Thingamajig: what the heck?

  • It's become a habit with me now...take the time to read the label or move on. I hate getting home with the product and feeling that I don't think the company should have had a cent from me...especially since they show such disrespect for the consumer in the first place. Thanks for bringing this up. Flavourful wishes, Claudia
  • Vibi
    Loved hearing all those funny and funky stories about your Southern trip, last night. Thanks for the amazing and enriching company. Hopefully, you have kept some more for next time!!!
  • This is why it is always worth your time and effort to read labels carefully before buying.
  • You are so right about product labeling, and the play on words is amazing when you take the time to look at and read the actual phrasing. Marketing has no interest in the consumers health, only to mass appeal and sell the item for the bottom line. Bon appetit! =:~)
  • Sirop de poteau represent!!!! I like how they call it "Natural SYRUP" and not Maple Syrup ... tsk tsk

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