There are times that a new place opens and the right combination of food and service is mixed in the right amount from the start. But this is not one of those times, unfortunately.

Written by Agustin, assistant organizer:

Tam Tam’s d’Afrique is a new place that opened close to the Mont-Royal metro. I want to stress that the place had time to prepare and anticipate all problems. In all honesty, they had brought on board what seemed to be their full staff.  However disorganization increases exponentially according to the number of disorganized people involved.

Service was terrible. Over two hours wait, close to three for some. Our waiters:

  • they had no idea what dishes had to be brought
  • they had no idea which dishes had already been served
  • they had made no attempt to remember who ordered what
  • whatever notes they took were either useless or not being used

Food was a mixed bag in the best of cases. However for a lot of people it was the bottom of the barrel, and plain inedible for a lot of people surrounding me.  My dish was both edible and enjoyable without being exceptional. Portions were small.  For the poor quality, they seem overpriced.

We had two people leave the event, completely unhappy.

Bottom line, they’re not ready for business.

That being said… I still think new businesses and specially small ones should be given a chance.  Once in a while, you will discover a gem in the rough. That was not the case tonight.