Looking for a fun new way to enjoy your cocktail hour with friends and colleagues? Head over to Mile-End for a totally different experience at BarBounya.

I clearly remember my first time at BarBounya. It was the restaurant my cousin chose to make to for my birthday. I was so thrilled, it was on my list of great newer Montreal restaurant to visit. And it did not disappoint. The decor is fun, modern, everyone feels like they are eating at the bar. And the food was amazing! What you will find here is sophisticated and modern spin on Turkish dishes, some fusion, mostly prepared with fresh and local ingredients.

BarBounya apéro à la turque

photo credit: Vadim Daniel

And now you can enjoy refreshing and original drinks with a selection of Turkish mezzes, or small shared appetizer plates. Chef Fisun Ercan is offering just that, every Tuesday to Friday, from 5pm to 7pm. Nothing better than relaxing after work or before a show while exploring a very Mediterranean tradition.

Here is a sampling of the menu, prices ranging between $3 to $5 per mezze:

Head cheese, marinated vegetables, dried tomatoes, olives, Kasseri cheese
Marinated sardines, warm potatoes, herbs
Liver mousse, crackers, roasted hazelnuts
Tarama, lemon confit, fried shallots
Jerusalem artichoke chips, rosemary, garlic
Fried calamari
Spicy nuts

Turkish Eatery BarBounya
234 Laurier Avenue W, Montreal, QC H2T 2N8
Phone:(514) 439-8858