Cheesepalooza: Geitost Pate with Apricots and Pistachios

And the clock strikes 12! Yes this is the last month of the Cheesepalooza challenge. Twelve months of cheese making, well I joined it a bit late so I have 10 entries. It was my first time taking on a year long challenge and I am proud to say I made it to the end. Lots of people vanished along the way. Making a cheese, even once a month, requires determination and devotion.

Every month we were given a type of cheese to make. Along the whey (pun) we learned several different techniques, each resulting in a specific type of cheese. On this last month we were left on our own to choose what to make. We were asked to invent our own cheese (or do something creative). I chose an unusual cheese which is actually made exclusively with whey. Let’s take a look at the Geitost, or Norwegian goat’s milk cheese.


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