Toronto Food Essay

OK well more of a picture essay then writing. It would be to big a project to write about, and a picture is worth a million words, right?

So I will show you a picture essay of my recent trip to Toronto with little captions of the food I ate and the Restaurants in Toronto I went to. Enjoy and if you know one of the places leave your tiny review! Yep first is just me…squishing the CN Tower he he. Squishy, squishy!

Toronto 2009 014

Toronto 2009 013


Ginger on Queen East in the Beaches

Fair bet all around: food and prices. Vietnamese

Had coconut shrimp and a jackfruit smoothie

That’s Melanie, still a very close friend from the old college days! Stayed with her 2 nights.




Java House on Queen West and Augusta

Fair prices and pretty good food. Asian

Had chicken curry and avocado shake (got the curry stains on a white tank to prove it :-(. Know how to clean curry? comment please!

That is Susan and Nick my friends with whom I stayed 4 nights.

Toronto 2009 059 Toronto 2009 040

An omelette Nick made, use to work in kitchen and studied cooking…delish and free!

Toronto 2009 042

My frappe and cake meeting at Café Frappe in Greektown with fellow food bloggers and business owners: Rachel at The Intrepid Culinologist, me, Sam at Greek Gourmand and Ellen at Giraffe Foods (left to right)

Toronto 2009 049

Miller Tavern way up north in the city on Yonge, outside downtown

Very expensive but SOOOOO good! Steak house

Ontario small beef tenderloin, medium rare, served with a cheddar and chive potato cake and veggies

Toronto 2009 057

Chinese bakery, name in Chinese, in Old Chinatown. Cafeteria style dumplings.

Dirt cheap and not very good, but an experience.

2 beef bbq dumplings, 2 black bean fried cakes and 3 pineapple and coconut cakes…are you ready…$3

English is NOT the primary language here and you leave with your food in a plastic bag. quite an experience i would repeat even if food bad.

Toronto 2009 066 Toronto 2009 065

Hibiscus on Augusta in the Kensington Market

Fair prices and pretty good food. Organic

1 tomato, spinach and no-dairy cheese  buckwheat crepe, 1 dulche de leche and kiwi crepe

Great place for food allergies. Lots of no-gluten or no-dairy stuff

Toronto 2009 072 Toronto 2009 071

Tikka House in Cabbagetown

Moderate prices and not the best Indian by far. Avoid!

Weird lamb byriany and blandest nan ever. Good Indian beer though

Toronto 2009 093 Toronto 2009 092

And finally my dad,s gift I brought back for him. BIG ASS Ontario Radishes from the market

I have never seen such big radishes in my life. Some of them would count as 1 veggie serving…and still mild in taste.

Toronto 2009 094

The End

Hugs and Biscuits

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