Oups, almost forgot! That is what happens when you come back from a holiday! Thank you Scot for reminding me!

I picked something that reminds me of the food I ate in NC…cornbread!

Lodge Logic Cornbread Skillet

Eight-section cast iron skillet simply makes any cornbread recipe, browning it to perfection without drying it out.
Lodge Logic’s revolutionary cast iron cookware is preseasoned so it’s ready to use right out of the box. Innovative process penetrates metal’s pores thoroughly and uniformly. Looks and performs better than traditional home seasoning. Retains all the benefits of cast iron: even heating, superior heat retention, and stick-resistant performance. Oven safe. 9″Dia. x 1″D. Made in the USA.

Caring for your Lodge Cast Iron
• Properly cared for, your Lodge cast iron cookware will last for more than a lifetime.
• After cooking, clean the cookware with hot water and a stiff brush. Never use a harsh detergent, as it can remove the seasoning. Towel dry thoroughly.
• While the cookware is dry, but still warm from the hot water bath, wipe a light coat of vegetable oil or cooking spray on all surfaces.
• Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store lids on the pot or pan in order to allow air circulation.
• If you notice a metallic taste of see signs of rust, simply scour off the rust, wash the cookware with soap and hot water, dry thoroughly and re-season using the home seasoning instructions.

Home Seasoning Instructions
• Seasoning is the process of applying a thin coat of cooking oil to the entire surface of the cookware, then baking the oil onto the cookware creating a natural nonstick finish.
• Step 1: Preheat your oven to 350 F.
• Step 2: Wash the cookware (inside and out) with mild detergent using a stiff brush. Rinse and towel dry.
• Step 3: Spread or spray a thin coat of melted shortening or spray-on vegetable oil over the entire surface of the pan, including handle and exterior surfaces.
• Step 4: Lower both your oven racks to the two bottom positions. Line the lower rack with aluminum foil (to catch drippings), and place the cookware upside down on the middle rack of oven and bake for one hour. Turn the oven off and leave cookware in the oven until cool.
• Repeating the process will only further season the cookware, turning it darker and improving the appearance.