The CulturEatz YouTube channel : my new obsession!

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I have a long wishlist of ‘to-dos’ for the blog. I think most bloggers will relate to that statement. One item that has been on that list (for quite some time) is to start a CulturEatz YouTube channel and, guess what, I finally did it! My own YouTube channel! What seemed like an impossible chore has very quickly turned into a new obsession. What a way to start the New Year for 2017!

Evelyne at CulturEatz YouTube channel

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Mystery Recipe: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Well two of you guessed it. Congrats Sabrina and TastefoBeirut. I am surprised I thought more would have guessed it right. The mystery recipe is Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (no escargots though TastefoBeirut)! Yeah we got down and dirty with a bit of molecular gastronomy!

When we first planned this experiment I told a few of my friends. They all asked if the liquid nitrogen was in the ice cream. I said 100% certain Of course not. Well…I was wrong. The liquid nitrogen goes in the ice cream.  I guess its not toxic then lol. How does it work? Well liquid Nitrogen has a temperature of -196 C ( or -321 F). That is COLD! It freezes things a million times fast (might be exaggerating) then a freezer at home.

For this recipe we needed:

  • a metal bowl
  • a wooden spoon
  • heavy duty gloves
  • a badass face protective gear
  • A few food obsessed bloggers with one that has access to liquid nitrogen
  • a willing person to be the designated “cook”!

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