Savory Cocktails: a modern twist on libations

Today, December 5th, marks the 80th anniversary of the end of Prohibition. And I love me a good original cocktail! Whether I sip it with friends in a trendy bar or want to impress family and friends over a dinner party, the more original the better in my book. I don’t want a Cosmo, that is so the 90s. I like fearless bold blends now. So I was thrilled to come across the Savory Cocktails recipe book.

This cocktail book is a great way to widen your libation library. Plenty of ‘research’ will have to be conducted before I pick the cocktail for the Christmas family dinner but two very strong contenders right now are the Breeder’s Cup and the Better with Bacon cocktails.

savory cocktails 031

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Meals in a Jar: Lentil, Fereek, Thai Rice, Barley and Noodle Fusion Soup

We have all bought or contemplated buying one of those cute “soups in a jar” as gifts. Pretty layered rows of rice, lentils,  noodle and soup base can make for a satisfying and easy soup. Have you thought of making your own? How about going one step further and creating entire balanced meals in a jar? One new book, the Meals in Jar cookbook, claims to be able to accomplish such a feat? Is it really possible for the general mass?

Meal Jar 040

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