November 25th Tire Sainte Catherine (Pulled Taffy)

November 25th is known as Sainte Catherine’s Feast Day within the Catholic Church around the world. Sainte Catherine was martyred in the early 4th century. She is considered by many as the most important of the virgin martyrs. Sainte Catherine regained popularity towards the end of the Middle Ages and she became the model for proper feminine behavior and the patron saint of young unwed women.

In Quebec, November 25th is also become know as taffy day, or Tire Sainte Catherine in French.

tire sainte-catherine 043

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Easter/Birthday Dinner: Green Tea Cake

My mother’s birthday this year was 3 days before Easter so we decided to combine the whole party thing in one. For these events it is just my parents and I. Obviously she was not going to cook for her birthday so I ended up preparing the Easter meal for the first time in my life.

I wish I could divulge the whole menu to you but I cannot. The bites and the appetizers were tests, secret tests, for a future event (so sneaky). Yes, my parents were foodie guinea pigs. But I can tell you what the main meal was. We had vanilla chicken as I made a little while back and asparagus with morels. Originally it was suppose to be a risotto with the veggies but I stuffed my parents up with my tests so we skipped the rice part. The morels where from a care package I had received from Paris from the Foodie Exchange.

Dessert was a huge success as well. I made a green tea birthday cake. To keep it very Easter-like I made a simple whip cream icing with a bit of sugar and food coloring. The cake itself had a green tinge with a pink icing decorated with blackberries and served with the Roasted Black Sesame Ice Cream I made earlier this week. A very unusual mix and look but it worked. My parents LOVED the ice cream too.

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