Sweetheart Maple Bacon Shortbread

Fact: the real way to obtain your sweetheart’s love is through their stomach…with bacon! And this Maple Bacon Shortbread is a sure fire way to please.

A few weeks ago I attended a most fabulous themed pot-luck party: bacon! Everyone had to bring a dish made with bacon. We had bacon guacamole, a bacon cheddar apple pie, scotch eggs, bacon chocolate cupcakes. That was like a third of the menu. I brought a Maple Bacon Shortbread as one of two contributions.

Looking at my cookie cutter shapes I decided to go for a heart shaped one. And as soon as the cookies came out of the oven I knew this recipe was perfect for Saint-Valentine’s Day.

Maple Bacon Shortbread Hearts

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What is your Color TEArapy Mood Contest

Happy Saint-Valentine’s Day!

Alas like most of my fellow food bloggers I did not have the time to bake up a sweet red treat so I humbly offer you some luscious heart shaped strawberries. I am very much looking forward to tonight! I received a text from my beau wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day and that instructions were to follow. So far I have received 2 riddles to solve which indicate when to be ready and that I will be blindfolded to my destination lol. I love elaborate surprises!

So if I were to pick the perfect Tetley herbal tea for me right now it would certainly be clarity to calm me from the excitement and to give me a day of priming and pampering. A good thing it is one of the 4 colors I received to try from the new Tetley Herbal Tea collection.

“Tetley Colour Therapy identifies and associates moods and feelings with ten different colours and teas,” explains Sarah Molloy, Brand Manager, Tetley Canada.  “Whether you need energy, inspiration or calm in your life, Tetley has developed a herbal tea to suit your every mood.” To find the right herbal tea simply complete the questionnaire at tetleycolourtherapy.com and the Mood Meter will interpret your disposition and recommend the right herbal tea for you.

I am a firm believer in aromatherapy and I really believe certain scents and plants can influence your state of mind. The lovely Mojito mint and lime mix is wonderful on a weather gloomy day to transport you to a tropical island and refresh your senses. I loved the balance of the flavors a lot. For the Clarity mix, ginseng and ginko are know for helping you get your head on your shoulders and concentrate effectively. The blueberry tate is perfect, real and not overpowering, and is used to give mental acuity.  I did not try the other two…I am going those away to a lucky reader, see the contest rules below! Here is a look at the full  line of flavors…

Lime Green: Tetley Mojito – Need an escape? The bright aura that surrounds you when you’ve just got back from vacation can be found every day in a cup of Tetley Mojito Herbal Tea. Its new blend of mint and lime with a hint of honey is the next best thing to a vacation.

Turquoise: Tetley Calm – Stressed? When everything’s a bit frantic and you need to take a step back, de-stress with Tetley Calm Herbal Tea. Its balance of camomile and spearmint helps bring a moment of serenity at the end of the day.

Pale Green: Tetley Soothe – Slow down and take comfort in this delightful blend of warm ginger, lemongrass and cool mint flavours. Tetley Soothe Herbal Tea will help get your mind and body back on track.

Orange: Tetley Warmth – Need some “me” time? Embrace your Orange mood and cozy up with Tetley Warmth Herbal Tea. Its aromatic infusion of cinnamon, orange blossom and sweet licorice with spicy hints of cardamom and clove will help warm you up on the coldest of days.

Yellow: Tetley Cleanse – Balance out your stressful day at work and purify your mood with Tetley Cleanse Herbal Tea. Its blend of lemon balm, honey, nettle and elderflower clears everyday toxins.

Purple: Tetley Clarity – Too many things on the go? Refocus and energize with Tetley Clarity Herbal Tea. Its light blueberry taste is blended with gingko and ginseng to help clear your mind.

Blue: Tetley Dream – Feeling blue? Dream on and relax with a cup of Tetley Dream Herbal Tea. Its camomile and hint of lemon flavour will help you get the blissful rest you deserve.

Pink: Tetley Summerberry – The embodiment of inspiration, Tetley Summerberries Herbal Tea is a delicate blend of rosehip, hibiscus, apples and strawberry that will evoke the joy of summer all year round

Mint Green: Tetley Pure Peppermint – So fresh and so energizing! Peppermint is perfect for an uplifting experience. Now available in larger format of 40 tea bags.

Violet: Tetley Wildberry – V is for Vibrant! A joyful mingling of delicious berries, poppy flowers, hibiscus and rosehips – the perfect blend for an upbeat mood.

Want to win some Tetley herbal teas? I am giving away 2 teas, the Pink Summerberry and and the Violet Wildberry, to 1 lucky winner. How To enter:

– Leave a comment in this post telling me your tetleycolourtherapy.com color result.

Extra entry…
– Tweet about the giveaway, copy paste…1 entry per day
@cheapethniceatz CONTEST Tetley Herbal Colour Tea http://cultureatz.com/what-is-your-color-tearapy-mood/

You have till February 19th 2010, 7 PM EST to enter.