Vodka Gimlet and French Toast for the Mad Men Series Finale & Giveaway

Tripping back to the 60s with French Toast à la rum and Vodka Gimlet, a retro breakfast spread – cocktail included, for the Mad Men Series Finale!

What does it mean if you’re a man and you wear a hat in Mad Men? What concert is obliquely responsible for Peggy’s haircut? How many secretaries has Don had over the course of the show? Bert Cooper has a giant painting from which renowned artist hanging in his office? And why does Betty hate her neighbour? If you know the answers to any of the questions, you are for sure a hard core Mad Men fan.

I am going to finish season 5 tonight on Netflix. I am a bit late jumping on the bandwagon but I am loving the show. So I was thrilled to be asked to join the Virtual Mad Men Finale Party and host a Giveaway where you could win your own copy of the The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook.

Mad Men finale french toast angle

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Thursday’s Thingamajig: Taylor Connoisseur Mechanical Timer Double

I am calling this on Retro Timing!

The Taylor Connoisseur Mechanical Timer – Double – Stainless steel has a definite 50s look to it…similar to the one we still use at the family cottage.

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YUBZ Phone


TOTALLY unrelated to food, unless you are using to make a reservation or call for take out or delivery….but I saw this in a magazine this morning and its just too funny to pass up as a post.

80s are back….god knows why for us who already lived it once….and even cellphones, bluetooths and computers are getting a retro makeover accessory wise. Check out the YUBZ TALK:


yellow_onlineYUBZ TALK combines classic design with advance technology creating the most iconic handset for mobile phones and computers.YUBZ TALK delivers a new communication solution for today’s consumers. Everyone has a mobile phone and everyone is looking to communicate in a better way. Regardless if you are at home,in the office or even on subway or on the street, using YUBZ TALK products with your mobile phone or laptop makes you happy,and unique.

YUBZ TALK is available in 3 different models – TALK MOBILE, TALK BLUETOOTH and TALK ONLINE.