Savor Peruvian cuisine at Mochica for MTL à TABLE

MTL à TABLE has arrived in Montreal! You can now sample 150+ restaurants at very fair set prices. And this particular culinary trip takes us to Peru at Mochica.

Let’s face it, November is a depressing month. The cold weather slowly sets in, the sky is grey and trees look sad and naked without leaves. You almost wish for a snowfall to cover the brown landscape.

Thankfully, for the past four years now, a ray of foodie sunlight has brought warmth and joy to the month of November in Montréal, Québec. Happiness envelops Montréal when MTL à TABLE arrives.


Restaurant Mochica: fine Peruvian dining

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LABARAKE, Doca and Bleu Lavande

I am taking a week off from regular posting this week. It’s summer vacation time and I am on a trip I have been dreaming off for years. Silly enough I am not even that far from home, about 12 hours away. We are 2 friends on a road trip heading to the east coast of Canada: Atlantic Canada, also know as the Maritimes.

Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Lunenburg NS, source

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are on this trip’s menu, as are bucket loads of seafood like lobster, the cities of Halifax and Saint-John, coastal fishing villages like Lunenberg, Maritimes whales, the highest tides in the world at Fundy Bay, and as this post publishes we will be exploring the Cabot trail, one of the worlds most scenic drives!

Cabot Trail2

Cabot Trail NS, source

If you just cannot wait for my return then I invite you to head over to Citynet Magazine and check out my latest outings at a lavender filed and 2 of the HOTTEST new restaurants in Montreal:

  • the 1 year anniversary of LABARAKE located in Historic Angus Shops


  • Escape to the Perfumed Fields of Lavender at Bleu Lavande Just South of Montreal


  • Doca, a Mediterranean swanky spot in Griffintown


I will be back on August 4th with #twelveloaves!

Mimi la Nuit, Old Montreal

Just like any tourist, many Montreal locals may find themselves one evening in Old Montreal after a day of wandering around the cobble stoned streets with a pequish pang in their stomachs. The sad thing is many cheap eateries close early in this touristic spot and all is left are expensive tourist traps.

Well no more with this new kid in town: Mimi la Nuit, a small yet extravagant nightclub in Old Montreal, welcomes gourmets, wine lovers and night owls – with an open kitchen till 2 AM!

Mimi la nuit facade © Randall Brodeur Mimi la nuit salle arriere © Randall Brodeur

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Strolling and Eating our way through New Orleans and Louisiana

Finally my long promised post with clicks, stories and foods from my trip to New Orleans, Louisiana back in March 2014. Wow does life ever get in the way of goals. My friend Karen and I set off for on a 7-day vacation and a visit to our friend Raquel, who moved to New Orleans from Montreal this past summer.

This was my second time actually in the Big Easy but a good 10 years had elapsed since my first trip. I was really looking forward to my trip as the first one was a short blitz. I knew what foods I wanted to eat again…and try the ones I missed out the first time around. Still in 7 days on location I did not cover the whole list. So when is trip three going to be? Oh well not right away but let me reminisce a bit, this is but a sliver of all we did, ate, saw and experienced.


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Cabane à sucre Au Pied de Cochon for Apple Season

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! I celebrated quietly with friends and it was nice to say “I thank you for being in my life”. So now I will say the same to all my readers: Thank you for reading and sharing my food adventures with me.

We went to Chinatown for our meal so I have no Thanksgiving dinner to share. But I did recently go back to the Cabane à sucre Au Pied de Cochon sugar shack for a worthy meal of gluttony focused around the apple season.

mich 5

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi and the Shogun sauce

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For some reason my title makes me think of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (rolls off the tongue the same way). But this post is not related and and I will be jumping from one topic to another. You are warned, just go with the flow hi hi.

I am so happy to share my second post and participation with a new monthly group I have discovered called Food ‘n Flix. Once a month a ‘host’ picks a movie of their choice that pertains to food. Everyone watches the movie and then makes a recipe which the film inspired. It can be any recipe. This month’s pick is hosted by Camilla at Culinary Adventures with Camilla. She picked a documentary style movie called Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

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Birthday Lunch at Toqué

Just 1 month and half late, but better to post later then never, right? I wanted to share with you a wonderful lunch experience I enjoyed with my friend A-M for my birthday…back in early May. She is a concierge at an upscale hotel in downtown Montreal and one of the perks of her job is getting invitations for meals for 2 by a lot of restaurants. Its good publicity for them because if the concierge likes a place they will recommend it to hotel clients. This time A-M had a lunch invitation for one of the top restaurants in the city: Toqué!

In French toqué is a word that refers to someone who is not all there in the head. A toque is also the hat a chef wears. Quite a play on words that both describe the head chef, Normand Laprise, to a T! He is known for his pioneering Nouvelle Cuisine Québecoise that can defy the rules of cooking at times. It is co-owned with Christine Lamarche who is the front person of the operation. A second restaurant was opened by the pair, a bistro style eatery, called Brasserie T. But back to this lunch at Toqué.

Savia Sap Water 2011

Collected evaporated water from the maple syrup cooking down process, bottled. I am not kidding.


Strawberry Martini: secret recipe and just amazing


I have always dreamed of enjoying a meal here but always knew it was out of my budget.  But recently they started offering a lunch menu where you can have an appetizer and an entrée for $25-30 and a dessert between $6-9. Granted it is still not cheap and no wine is included (which you can order separately) but it is a really affordable way to experience an extraordinary meal. In the evening if you take the basic 7 course menu dégustation with the basic 5 glass wine service it will cost with tax and tip about $200.00 per person. The other menu with foie gras and the prestigious wine combo will run you about $290 per person. Some top food critics have claimed it is the best restaurant in North America.

I won’t get into details about the dishes, I will just show you the dishes we enjoyed with my translation of of the menu.


Deer and quail Terrine with foie gras, served with radicchio chutney


Boston lettuce, bacon, chili pepper, garlic and Parmesan


Bourgogne Côte Chalonnaise 2008, served with terrine and sweetbread

The Toqué logo on each glass of wine


Crispy sweetbread, vanilla pearled onions, green grapes, truffle butter with honey sauce on crouton


Roasted trout, cauliflower mousse, Viennese gratin, rapini, red roasted pepper, mushroom duxelle and lobster white butter


Orange, it’s a party! orange mousse and crushed cookies


Lukewarm Chocolate mousse with dark chocolate ice cream and pistachio


Sweet finishing treat: chocolate and ground almond truffles


Of course with A-M we got what we wanted for free as well as a tour of the kitchen and the wine cellar lead by Christine Lamarche herself. The finest products from Québec are featured as supports local suppliers and farmers are used. We saw all the stations, the pastry area, the 3 fridges and more. Show below is perhaps about 1/4 of the actual wine cellar, mindboggling.

Restaurant Toqué!
900 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle
Montréal, Québec, H2Z 2B2
Telephone: 514 499-2084