The Greek Moussaka

When you start exploring more exotic foods you realize pretty soon that your local Chinese, Japanese, Greek and ethnic etc. restaurants are bastardized versions made for the North American palate. You may find the small gem family run restaurant that serves more authentic dishes or you can really find out what the true cuisine of a country is when on holiday. Greek food is a perfect example. When I was there many moons ago I ate grilled octopus, devoured lams stews, enjoyed moussakas and drank frappes in large quantities. No souvlakis or gyros in sight. I tell you the food and the islands there are so gorgeous I should consider moving there and start looking to find the best mortgage deals.

Moussaka was actually something I discovered first in a Greek restaurant in Montreal, not in Greece. I still remember the first time I ate it and immediately associated as extreme comfort food. Of course I would choose an ethnic dish as comfort food and not something closer to home! Now when I go to a Greek restaurant, if moussaka is on the menu chances are that is what I will order. Warning: moussaka is not the most photogenic food but it is amazing.

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Going Greek at Nikas

Our last dinner with the Cheap Ethnic Eatz group was at Nikas in NDG. This is my hood and I have seen this place for years and never went. Finally I did about 6 weeks ago…I have been back twice since then.

I had to throw a quick event together as Conor of HoldtheBeef was in Montreal…all the way from Australia. Conor and I met actually in Montreal through the dinner group about 18 months ago while she was studying here for 6 months. So meeting her with the group again was perfect.

Now Nikas is nothing fancy. It’s your traditional souvlaki, gyros, moussaka kind of place. I don’t think its anything out of the ordinary food wise. But it is very good basic food, it is very generous and it’s cheap. A great thing here too is that you can bring your own wine – BYOB. This alone saves a lot on the bill (there is a SAQ across the street, too).

The service is great. The waitress are very nice and chatty and cheerful. In the 3 times I went it was always the same staff and service was equal each time. You can tell also by how they chat with customers they get a lot of regulars.

Elias on the other hand told me he had no qualms about being on the blog, lol. He is a regular face in another blog. In my visits I have had the moussaka which was pretty good, the lamb souvlaki that I enjoyed a lot, and twice the calamari. First time was an appetizer and it was excellent, second time not so good and way too salty. The staff will always ask if you want french fries or Greek potatoes. I love their Greek potatoes but they are not what you think. These are more like perfectly boiled then baked no crust lemony potatoes.

We definitely had a blast there as a group and everyone enjoyed the meal. Again its basic food, not a gastronomy outing. But if you want some good hearty food with friends you cannot go wrong at Nikas.

Restaurant Nikas
6087, Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal, QC H4A 1Y2
(514) 481-5661