Martin Picard’s Boudin Maison (Blood Sausage)

Do you believe in destiny? Do you ever have a feeling something was meant to be, that there is a reason as to why something is happening in your life? I often do and this is one perfect example. One day I got a message on Facebook by a total stranger, a woman in my city, who insisted on taking me out too lunch so she could pick my brain to give advice on her new food blog journey. I was skeptical but curious so we chatted for a bit. A month later we had a blind foodie date. We had the most awesome 3 hour lunch and I could not help feel I was meant to become friends with this person.

Warning: the faint of heart at the sight of blood…abstain from this post!

blood sausage 49

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Cabane à sucre Au Pied de Cochon for Apple Season

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! I celebrated quietly with friends and it was nice to say “I thank you for being in my life”. So now I will say the same to all my readers: Thank you for reading and sharing my food adventures with me.

We went to Chinatown for our meal so I have no Thanksgiving dinner to share. But I did recently go back to the Cabane à sucre Au Pied de Cochon sugar shack for a worthy meal of gluttony focused around the apple season.

mich 5

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International Incident: Foie Gras à la Evelyne de Cochon Pizza Pie

I had a few other titles in mind for this post, such as:

Food Orgy for One
Martin Picard Made Me Do It

But I decided to stick with the brand new name of this brand new monthly event, Jeroxie’s brainchild: the International Incident Party. Long Live the International Incident!

Basically we are given a theme and then we have free reigns to come up with a submission. I saw the first “party” on a few blogs I follow about a month ago and I was jealous with envy I had not know about it. After that I put Jeroxie’s RSS in my feed. Well my feed program is not so hot because I think it missed a few new posts in general of the blogs I follow. Hence I found out THIS MORNING that the deadline for this new event was tonight!

I decided to throw caution to the wind as I was planing a quiet day and come up with insane recipes and a finished post for tonight. Actually as soon as I saw the theme I knew right away what I was going to make. The theme was Pizza Pie. I had both a savory and sweet inspiration so I did both.

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Stuffed Like a Maple Cochon

The past week has was like a surreal dream for everyone on the guest list. Was our coveted reservation at the Cabane à sucre Pied de Cochon really less then 7 days away? Finally? For real? After all we sent out a request to be on the wait list in August and only got a confirmation in January. We were all insanely ecstatic.

And many of my friends and colleagues regarded me with envy and jealousy. It was delicious lol. One friend even texted me while I was there: “Eat your heart out, you B…… xoxox”.

Yes, the day had actually arrived: 23 of us, members and spouses of the Montreal Foodie Blogger group, met at the Cabane à sucre Pied de Cochon for a $49 brunch meal we will not soon forget. It was a momentous event also because about half the guest were new members. I was so happy to meet everyone and put a face to names I knew so well from online. It was as well our first meeting with a healthy mix of French and English bloggers, bridging cultural gaps.

OK, enough with the emotional gushing! Bring on the food!

After driving past a scary stretch of commercial non traditional sugar shacks on the main road and being convinced we were lost a few times we finally drove up a dirt road that ended with a rather large but crude shack. In other words it was what I picture a traditional sugar shack should look like.

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