Alien Hand Autopsy

It was a dark and cold night as I layed in bed sleepless and restless. A nagging noise from my next door neighbor kept me awake. Ii sounded like sawing. At my wits end I went over to complain and ask to keep the noise down.

I noticed that the door was ajar. I called out but no answer came. I hesitated but decided to walk inside and check things out for myself. A scream escaped my lips and I dropped my flashlight.

Halloween alien hand 027

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Pop Quizz

I found out this fact at a Museum this weekend. There was a food related exposition and I will be blogging about it shortly. but I just had to share this little tidbit of info:

How much do you think a cubic foot of ICE weighs?

Please try not to google the answer and just take a guess. If you google do not share the real answer.

Leave a comment with your guess