Raspberry Granita and its Warm Sauce

I have the most adorable story to tell you. I have a new boyfriend. He is 7. We met on the bus while I was playing a game on my phone on Tuesday. He asked me over for a playdate to play Connect 4 and Skylanders. And I had to ask him what Skylanders was. I was getting the extend description version but had to get off the bus at my stop. He proceeded to tell me approximately where he lived. I told him we would hopefully meet on the street soon and then go play. His mother and the other passengers around had smiles and were muffling giggles from how cute this whole thing was.

Raspberry Granita and its Warm Sauce spoon

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Creative Cooking Crew: Ultraviolet Light Lunch

The Creative Cooking Crew is back again with an very interesting challenge for June. The theme is 1 Color for the plate. And here was my thought process:

Great concept! What color should I pick? What color should I not pick to avoid duplicate choices as much as possible?  D*?% it I am stuck. I have to do something totally out there. Google, help me?

And I knew I had found an instant winner when I landed on an article about food that glows under a black light. OK so I am bending the rules a bit because technically it’s not a color…but it’s a luminescent ultraviolet meal resulting in one color on my plate!

ultra violet 041

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