Cool Cucumber Avocado Soup

Contrary to popular belief summers in Montreal can be incredibly hot and humid. Montreal is actually an island so when you are surrounded by water the humidity levels can skyrocket, both in sweltering summer and chilling winter. Right now we are in a second bought of a heat wave. it is currently 27 C (84 F) with a humidity factor that makes it feel like 34 C (97F).

At work we are freezing with the air conditioner (I am happy); in the buses and subways one wants to pass out, and at home well it depends on each person’s set up. Do you have an air conditioner? If so is it a window, central or portable one?

Cucumber Avocado Soup Tasty reading ahead, KEEP GOING… →

A couple of Good Byes

A sad post, annoucing two closings:

1. I heard today on the radio Les 5 Saisons will close on Greene in Westmount.  I was not a customer and it has a reputation for being ridiculously expensive…but it does remain an institution in Westmount’s décor. The closure is not due to the economy…the local is a rented space and the owner is taking it back. No idea when it will close.

2. Conde Nast Publications has announced the closure of 4 magazines in an effort to cut costs and survive the advertising recession. One of those 4 closures is the Gourmet Magazine. The first issue came out in January 1941 and survived even during WWII when everything was rationed. Over the years it has earned the reputation of being the bible magazine of food in North America.

The biggest shock to the industry  is the possible sacking of the present chief editor Ruth Reichl. Reichl is one of the food writing business’s most popular figures.

The last issue will be the November issue. Subscribers will receive the Bon Appetit magazine for the remainder of their subscription. The website and recipes on Eîcurious will remain open during the transition. As for the Gourmet books and tv show they are to remain untouched for now.