Can you handle 200+ Christmas Cookies?

Nothing “smells” holidays like hundreds of Christmas cookies fresh out of the oven. I have 6 cookie recipes to share with you today to get you in the spirit of merry baking.

Have you ever spent an afternoon baking Christmas cookies for the holiday celebrations to come? Well I got together with my friends Catherine and Vitalia and we spent a good 6 hours baking our holiday butt’s off. Yes you read that right, we made at least 200 Christmas Cookies all in one afternoon, and had six balls of dough left to freeze for future ready-to-go batches.

christmas cookies 2015

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Some Big Pictures

From The Big Picture over at…some big food items!

Bakers link pieces of gingerbread in order to break a world record on December 18, 2009 in Ludwigsburg, southern Germany. A total of 1,700 kg of honey, 1,700 kg of flour, 1,000 kg of walnuts, 900 kg of hazelnuts, 550 liters of milk and 158 liters of cherry schnapps were used to make the one kilometer-long and seven-ton-heavy gingerbread. (SASCHA SCHUERMANN/AFP/Getty Images)

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Gingerbread House Dreams

The December 2009 Daring Bakers’ Challenge was hosted by Anna of Very Small Anna and Y of Lemonpi. They chose Gingerbread Houses!

Anna: The recipe I tested is from Good Housekeeping – I chose it because it was simple and required only ingredients I personally always have in my kitchen. Plus, it was so funky I HAD to try it, and luckily that worked out. I made my house around Halloween and decided to take advantage of the spooky goodies I could only get at that time of year.

Y: I tested a Scandinavian recipe from The Great Scandinavian Baking Book. I chose a Beatrice Ojakangas’ recipe because I love her book, and usually have great success with her recipes. I was also attracted to the ingredients she had in her gingerbread.

Oh boy….what a challenge for this month’s Bakers’ Challenge! Not a complicated thing (necessarily) but a very time consuming one. I have to say I went with the Scandinavian one as it seemed shorter to prepare. I invited my past guests to help out, Johanne and Raquel. We killed 2 birds with one stone and also did the Cook’s Challenge (shh secret till Jan 14th).

I just have so many pictures I decided to go with a gallery instead. Just click on the image to see it bigger. A couple I will show you bigger only.

As mentioned in the recipe yes the dough was quite dry but held so I kapet faith in the indications. After 2 hours of refrigeration it was a big massive blog of goodness that was really hard to roll.

But we made it finally with a lots of cracks to patch. Then I precut the shapes, beaked tehm and recut. This method I really enjoyed. I got my template at Fashion-Era but modified the sizes a big for a longer house

Now you may wonder why I have a pic of a woman asleep on the couch? Well that is Raquel as she dozed through dinner and most of the house decoratring lol. So Johanne and I lifted your sleeves and attacked the architecture assembly. Our glue was a bit thick so we had to dilute it. We finally got it all up and stable enough. That was a huge releif. Then on to decorate with candy canes, smarties, almond cookies ans shingles, licorice candies and colored cake icing.

We were really happy with our result. I know it went Kitch at one point but who cares!

So is it just me but I do not know if I will have the courage to eat it after a couple of days. Its too beautiful! 

To see the recipe and to view what others have created make sure to visit the following link.