How to Give French Eclairs a Modern Makeover

Did you know French Eclairs are the new ‘it’ pastry? These retro desserts are making a huge comeback right now at you local chic bakery. But it’s even more fun to make them at home. Let you inner artist run wild when decorating!

Raise your hand if you devoured a many eclairs in your youth? This French pastry is made with pâte à choux, shaped in an oblong vessel that transports whipped cream or custard cream to your mouth, formerly finished off with a chocolate ganache. The new modern French eclair sheds it’s ganache coat for gorgeous and artistic edible works of art.

French eclairs

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Giant Wedding Dress Chocolate Chip Cookie

It’s Food ‘n Flix time again! In this monthly group a ‘host’ picks a movie of their choice that pertains to food. Everyone watches the movie and then makes a recipe which the film inspired. It can be any recipe you want.

I’m so excited to be hosting this month again. It really is a fun group to get involved with and I love to see what the other participants come up with after we all see the same movie. I chose a very funny comedy which is just perfect for what June is best know for: weddings! The movie in question is Bridesmaids and I decided to make a giant Wedding Dress Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Wedding dress cookie 06

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International Incident Hotdogs Party

Ah the first International Incident party of the year 2011! And this month we are scrutinizing hot dogs! The all-American food, the ball park staple, the wiener of fast food. Alas I am not a major league fan. If I had to chose between a hamburger and a hot dog, hamburger wins. Also after a less then healthy holiday diet hot dogs was not an inspiration for me, sorry.

But I have learned that lack of inspiration can mean you take an idea and run with it in the complete opposite direction with great success. And that is just what I have done here: a fondant hot dog.

Yes ladies and gents my submission for this month is not a savory version but a sugary tooth-ache-inducing hot dog. I had tones of fun shaping this little wiener in a bun…and with all the fixings. best advice I can give you when playing with fondant is let your imagination run with it.

The tough part was picking a hassle free fondant recipe. And I found a great uncooked fondant recipe here.

Uncooked Fondant Recipe


1/3 cup softened butter
1/3 cup light corn syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt
1 lb sifted powdered sugar

1. In a large mixing bowl, blend the butter, corn syrup, vanilla and salt on medium speed until smooth and well-combined.

2. Add the powdered sugar all at once, and mix on slow speed, gradually increasing speed to medium until well-combined. The mixture should cling together in the bottom of the bowl and be smooth to the touch.

Then play with food coloring!

Veg enough for Raquel

Thanks Jeroxie for another great IIP

International Incident hotdog Party