Ukrainian Cheese Filled Crepes | Nalysnyky | налисники

Who could resist these delicious Ukrainian cheese filled crepes, called Nalysnyky, which are flavored with a touch of dill, baked in copious amounts of butter, and luxuriously topped off with caviar!

If you are a regular follower you will know I have some roots in Austria, on top of my Quebec ones. But did you know my paternal grand father was actually Russian Ukrainian, pre revolution? He had ties to Moscow but supposedly owned a spa-like property in the Crimean peninsula, which is located in the south of the Ukraine and is mostly surrounded by the Black Sea. These Nalysnyky, or Ukrainian Cheese Filled Crepes, are a wink to my intangible ancestral past.

Savory Ukrainian Filled Crepes Nalysnyky

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Wordless Wednesday: Apple Picking

A couple of weekends ago I spent a lovely day apple picking with friends in Saint-Hilaire at the Verger Petits et Fils. The first half of the day was cold and wet, perfect timing for a crepe lunch and a cider tasting. To bad the sky was so grey: you cannot see the autumn leaves at their most colorful. I do love the shot from the restaurant window however.

But the sun came out to play in the afternoon just as we hit the orchard. My friend Yan got the awesome pics. Come join us on the tractor ride with this tantalizing visual tour as we picked some Empires, Cortlands, McIntosh and Spartans. Recipes to come…at some point!

Photo by Yan Giasson (Nagi)

Photo by Yan Giasson (Nagi)

Photo by Yan Giasson (Nagi)

Photo by Yan Giasson (Nagi)

Pour Some Sugar on Me

We had our 4th annual all sugar event with the Cheap Ethnic Eatz Dinner Group recently and again it was a unanimous success. This event consists of 3 to 4 stops at locations that serve sugar in various forms and in all its glory. In this post I will let the pictures do the talking…

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Crêperie Chez Suzette

Les Délices de lErable

Dragon Beard Candy Stall
52 rue de la gauchetière ouest, montreal

Pâtisserie Callia

A bit of Jasmin Tea to help with digestion!