Cheesepalooza: Farmhouse Cheddar

Here we are already at the 5th month of Cheesepalooza. Well I am actually a little late, this was the December installment where we had to make a Farmhouse Cheddar or a Caerphilly. This was our first pressed cheese. Oh boy a new challenge. You learn a lot making cheese and sometimes you need to be very creative…like when you do not own a cheese press, a cheese mold, or when you attempt to make you own milk. Yes you read that correctly. Read on for a palpitating story in cheese making.

farmhouse cheddar 4

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Cheesepalooza: Feta Cheese

Already another cheese. I am on a roll! When I joined Cheesepalooza I was cutting it close to the new monthly deadline plus I wanted to make the challenge on the prior month…so you are getting 2 cheeses in one week. Have you ever wanted to make cheese but are not sure where to begin? This group is for you.

My first cheese was a basic goat cheese. That was a relatively simple process. Now for Feta, in theory it is still simple but you have to follow the recipe to the letter. Feta involves heating, curdling, draining, drying and ripening in brine. This challenge pushed me a little bit farther and gave me confidence for the next cheese. Check out the goat cheese round-up here.

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Cheesepalooza: Goat Cheese


Not a lot of people can beat my sweet tooth. I love sugar. Salty things have never called out my name so much. But a candy bar and a bag of chips in front of me…the chocolate will vanish and the chips will remain. The one exception to that rule is cheese! I have been obsessed and worship cheese for as long as I can remember.Soft, hard, mild, blue, crusty, stinky – I love them all.

I have always been fascinated with the concept of making cheese at home as well but quite frankly I felt intimidated. I am so freaking excited when I learned of a new group. It did not take much to convince me to hop along on the Cheesepalooza challenges wagon. Every month we make a new cheese. We are starting slow with easy soft cheese and we will build are way up the cheese ladder. This is actually the 2nd challenge, the September one. To late to officially enter but I wanted to make my goat cheese. Check out the goat cheese round-up here. I will post my October entry this week on time where I will make Feta.

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