Major Rant and I have officially lost my mind

Yes those are 2 different statements lol.

First, why I may have officially lost my mind?

Recent events and talks made a project take shape in my head. I just officially announced and invited today 67 of my closest foodie/blogger/movie friends to my large but still 1 bedroom apartment for the 1st annual Cheap Ethnic Eatz food film marathon and pot luck. It will take place in mid October for 12 hours and for sure you will be reading about it, before and after the event.

I am toying with the idea of a small contribution fund raising effort too for some food related Montreal organization and maybe get a few sponsors to donate food or cookbooks/ingredients/items for prizes during the marathon. Would you like to donate something? contact me at worldethnicfood at hotmail dot com.

And yes these are all friends, remember I had a dinner group for 4 years where 500 ish members came and went so I made lots of real friends in there. Look I even have a logo ha ha:

1st annual Cheap Ethnic Eatz food film marathon and pot luck

And now for my Major Rant:

This related to a group on facebook I belong to. I need to BITCH.

So this group was started by a food blogger and is exclusively for food bloggers in Montreal city. Fantastic! Except that like 80% of them work in marketing/media/promotion, etc…aside from their personal blog. So most of them get invited to all the media events and I mean all of them. I call them the elite club. I get plenty of invites and I don’t need to be invited to everything…but they seem to be rubbing it in everyone’s face in a subtle way at times. Most topics there start off with: Who got invited to….But then things took a weird turn this week.

– Chef Gordon Ramsy bought, revamped and opened up a restaurant in Montreal this week called Laurier Gordon Ramsy. I got my reservation with friends coming soon! Anyways in this facebook group someone posted a link to an article in Montreal’s major french newspaper where the journalist wrote about why do we all of a sudden have a few international chefs come here, put their cooking paw in a resto and claim that Montreal has been put now on the International food map. Hello, we are on of the top food cities! This got a huge debate going in the group.

– A few weeks ago some people founded an association for Quebec food bloggers with an actual statement and everything. Like an official association for food bloggers? Ok fine why not, I have a rough estimate that there are about 100 food bloggers in Montreal alone. But again more then half the comity who have their own blog… in PR, communications, media, etc. Oh so very objective…NOT.

– And the last straw that broke the camel’s back: a big discussion was started after someone suggested we should establish a comity that would review Montreal food blogs and give them a stamp of approval (perhaps a logo) that WE ARE AUTHENTIC AND HAVE INTEGRITY in our blogs.

W———-T———-F ???????????? Have they all completely lost their freaking minds? We are hobby food bloggers! I may get in trouble for my next statement: most of these bloggers in this group REVIEW food, they don’t post recipes they make AND most of them are francophone….the anglophone bloggers kind of take a back seat. Why? There has to be a psychological angle here somewhere (which I have my opinions on but this is not the place for it…and let me precise I am Francophone first, Anglophone second)

I broke down and really gave my opinion today in that group and wrote the following (translated…of course I wrote it in French there):

I write ​​my blog because I am passionate in my interest for great food. I rarely do restaurant or product critiques now, very occasionally but there is nothing wrong with it either. I mostly cook and I share my recipes. I get the occasional invite to a food media event or launch. I never feel compelled to make a follow-up afterwards, only if I want to. I do not want to know anything about being in a milieu where I could be judged for it. I find the PR houses could open their doors a little wider for those who are invited to events since it is always the same people who are invited…an elite few, no? There are at least 30 (60) other bloggers in Montreal which are never invited. I do not care really what the world media writes on Montreal or our view of food….. it lasts 5 minutes and people forget.

I do not want to bitch so grandiosely, a gift I have sometimes and now I am pumped (sorry nothing personal), but there are a number of members in this group who never speak yet chat with me…right now we are speechless.

If you are one of the few who make your livelihood with your blog … set up your rules of etiquette but under a RECOGNIZED professional order only, I have no problem with that.

But if your blog is a hobby that creates a little mad money…..can we please take ourselves a little less seriously?

Am I exaggerating, am I overly emotional about this or do you see a problem here to? Do you have such issues in your home city with fellow food bloggers?

9 comments to Major Rant and I have officially lost my mind

  • I lol'd so hard when I read your rant on FB! It was awesome! But, to be fair, I think most of the people in that group (the ones that posted, anyway) were fairly opposed to the logo suggestion - albeit not quite as indignant as you were. Kudos to you for speaking your mind, and for expressing what a lot of food bloggers were most likely thinking!
  • Your movie pot luck event sounds like such fun and looking forward to it :) As for the other, I really don't get what people are driving at sometimes...why and how we blog is an individual statement. And as a community we support each other. Bravo for expressing your opinion!
  • Karyn
    You know that often I don't find the time (valid reasoning or not), to read your blog. For whatever reason, I read this one as soon as it arrived in my inbox. I'm so glad that I read it, and I commend you for speaking up for what you believe in. I hope you ruffled some feathers with this and encourage other bloggers to come stand with you... if I had a blog, I'd be by your side.
  • I'm with Lisa. I food blog for my own fun primarily!
  • WTG, Evelyne (remembered the 'e' at the end, finally lol)!! I totally agree with you, you write to satiate and share your passion of food, not to satisfy members of some snooty food blogging club's need to reign supreme. This is why I steer clear of blogging cliques and clubs - I like to remain my quirky, food-loving self without being judged because I didn't follow the leaders or succumb to being told who to like or not like, limiting a mind of my own, all in the name of being accepted and liked. Good for you for sticking to your guns! Enjoy your lunch with Mary today!
  • Liz
    Oh, I wish I lived nearby and then I could hint around for an invite to your FUN party ;) Sorry this facebook group has gone off the deep end...just continue what you are doing so well~
  • Although I'm too far away from you to even be relevant to this matter, I enjoyed reading your rant and agree that sometimes, food blogging has gone down the wrong path (what's wrong with people nowadays?). Once someone puts strict rules on blogging, I can almost guarantee no one would want to do it and have fun anymore. Btw, your potluck and food film marathon sounds fun...wish I lived nearby!
  • I have always admired you for speaking your mind Evelyne. People take themselves way too seriously these days. We're forgetting the things we learned in kindergarten :). Great initiative on the film food fest. Can't wait.
  • Holy crap. As I am relatively new to food blogging, I had no idea this whole thing existed, and it is absolutely absurd. (A sidenote, but I actually find a lot of Montreal food blogs really boring/tiring because they all tend to go to/review the same pretty small group of restos that are "hot" at any given moment, which, well... even though we are often big fans of the same restos, it still gets very dull, and I'd much rather here about places I DON'T already know is the coolest place in town or whatever...) Anyway I agree with you that this is a case of taking oneself too seriously. I think the problem with blogging in this day and age is that so many people DO have ambitions to do it professionally, that if you're really just doing it for the pleasure of it you can sometimes be in a minority. And you are likely to have different ideas about how you want to blog and what you find interesting. And you are also likely to spend less time/money making it seem "professional". (Here I think especially of food photography--I like good food photography as much as the next girl, but my blog will never have AMAZING photos because, a) I am not going to invest that much in equipment for what is a hobby, and b) I like to EAT the food we make, and FAST, so I am unwilling to put it through lengthy photo shoots before digging in!) All that to say that we are often in it for different reasons and it is a shame if it is indeed so dominated by professionals and pseudo-professionals. There is nothing wrong with that kind of blogging, but it's a bit dull if that's all you see. I'm interested to try the Laurier GR, for example, but it makes me sad to see how Montreal is represented as a food city online if every prominent blog has an identical review of a place like that and nothing original. (So clearly, I am on team RANT with you!)

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