April Fools Faux Cappuccino and Contest

April Fools is a very special day for me. Not only is it the day where you can be a naughty (but still nice) prankster for 24hrs….it is also my mom’s birthday. So she does not usually get a trick played on her (always) but we do remind her of the funny coincidence.

This year my mom might get a surprise trick at the dinner table though. The folks over at the California Walnut Commission have come up with a great recipe for a trick. It is a dessert made to resemble as a cappuccino. This Faux Cappuccino is one of 100s of amazing recipes with walnuts found on their website. I just might make this one on April Fools day. One lucky winner will win a sample bag of California walnuts and that is no joke. Just check the entry rules at the bottom of the post.

April Fool’s Faux Cappuccino

1 cup California walnut pieces 250 mL
10 oz soft or silken tofu 300 g
3 tbsp honey 45 mL
2 oz milk chocolate, melted 50 g
2 oz dark chocolate, melted 50 g
1/4 cup whipped cream 50 mL

1. With a hand blender or food processor, purée walnuts, tofu, honey and chocolate until smooth.
2. Divide among 6 cappuccino cups and refrigerate to set. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Would you like to win a sample bag of California walnuts?

– Leave a comment in this post telling me if you have ever played an Aprils Fool’s trick and what was it.

Extra entry…
– Tweet about the giveaway, copy paste…1 entry per day
California Walnut Contest at @cheapethniceatz http://cultureatz.com/april-fools-faux-cappuccino-and-contest/

Alas, this contest is only open to Canadian residents. You have till April 1st 2011, 1 AM EST to enter.

30 comments to April Fools Faux Cappuccino and Contest

  • Oana
    Made it just in time I think. Empty handed to boot. I am a dud in the April fools department. Love walnuts though :) and this is a pretty cool looking recipe.
  • Karyn
    This looks like a great idea for an April fool's day prank, and tasty too!! I love April fool's day but have never retired a prank this elaborate.
  • Kathrine
    L année passe j ai mis dans le dos d un ami un poisson d avril et il se promenait avec ceci dans le dos en plein sandacha. Je devais essayer le plus possible de ne pas rire et de faire comme si tout était correcte. Il sait rendu compte de la petite blague quelques minutes plus tard mais le bon 10 minutes était assez mémorable. La réaction du monde valait son pesant d or ;)
  • OMG there are some wicked people here…love it!
  • Tamara
    I have never pulled an Aprils fools on anyone. I am not a good person to even tell a joke I laugh half way through and can never even finsih the joke. My husband has even given up trying to get a joke out of me.
  • Meanest April fool's prank: fake suicide in math class when I was 15 or 16. Took an ear syringe, filled it with a mixture of corn syrup and red + yellow food colouring, held it in my hand with just the tip jutting out and a dulled razor blade placed in front of it. The moment I pushed the blade against my wrist, I squeezed the syrup out.The key to selling this effect / gag is to apply enough pressure against your skin so that people can clearly see the blade "penetrating" just before you let the fake blood flow - it's unbelievably convincing! Make sure the blade is very safely dulled though. If uncertain, use a different (and safer) prop!
  • Rosanne
    I work in Montreal where would typically do the "paper fish on the back" thing to someone every year. Our finest moment though was convincing one of the team that samples were arriving frozen that day from a bunch of different locations and she had to prepare the entire inventory and labels for the items. The standard practice was that we had advance notification before the samples were shipped, but this day we convinced her that not one but three sites "just forgot" to notify us. We let her have her hissy fit for a half hour and then told the truth just before she got down to preparing the labels. Nasty nasty nasty. Walnuts would have helped her forget this entire incident.
  • Evelyne Copeland
    The one that comes to mind right now is putting a plastic mouse in the supervisor's interoffice mailbox right outside his door. The department secretary was the one that found the little critter and screamed. We later found the mouse in the trash can. Wasn't the reaction we were expecting...
  • Great looking "Cappuccino" and sounds delicious. You are so good to your Mum by not doing any pranks ;-) Hope she has a great birthday!
  • Toni
    Love walnuts. Instead of an apple a day I have walnuts instead. Will have to try this recipe. I have played a many April Fools. The one that comes to mind was a few years ago. My brother had entrusted his VW Rabbit, (you can tell how many years ago), to me. On a Friday morning as he was walking out of the house for work, there was a tow truck (friends of mine) towing his car for unpaid parking tickets. It was so funny watching him trying to explain that he had no outstanding parking tickets and if there were they weren't his. He was almost in tears, till I had to tell him it was a joke. He never forgave me for that one. And one that he never forgot.
  • Mafalda
    The only one I can think of is back in the 6th grade, we made the secretary call our teacher to the office for a phone call. While he was away, we all left the class and went outside. He found us a few minutes later in the squash court and was actually amused.
  • Oh and thanks for the yummy looking Faux Cappuccino recipe! Aurora :)
  • Contest facebooked & tweeted! :) https://mobile.twitter.com/AnimaBlue/status/52487141619544064 I'll tell you about a very funny Italian tradition concerning pranking for April Fool's day. We would call it "fish day". Why? The key would be to stick a paper fish on someone's back for April's Fools....so they are the fish...lol My parents would always warn me to watch out for fish at school. :) When I attended Saturday morning Italian school on an April Fool's day, everyone would be super vigilant for someone trying to "fish" them. Bonus points if we got the teacher! Haha! Ah good memories. :)
  • Rouylle
    My birthday is on April's Fool..:P I was lucky not to be fooled that much..:) I like to play little tricks on my friends and family.. All year long!!..:D And since I don't like coffey, I might try your Faux Cappucino recipe!!
  • Cara
    I remember my sister and I telling our younger brothers that it was a school day and to get out of bed and get ready to go, when it wasn't.
  • This is a wonderful recipe. Very playful. Amusingly...my Mom's birthday is also the first...a fact she hates with unholy passion. ;)
  • Sarah
    I once salted my mom's tea!
  • Kate
    i used to play April Fool's tricks all the time when I was little, however it would usuallly take me all day to come up with something to do. After pulling off my trick successfully, my parents would always say "Well since it's after 12 noo, you're the fool now!" I never thought that rule was fair.
  • Clint
    I have never played an April fools prank on anyone, too mean!
  • Johnnie
    I've tried the Saran wrap on toilet bowl a couple times -- never fully worked but drew some interesting reactions ;-) Nice recipe Evelyne.
  • I haven't done April Fools tricks in years. I love the walnut cappuccino. The recipe is very much like a vegan chocolate pudding that I do (using only dark chocolate chips and minus the whipped cream). I never thought of adding walnuts to it. I'll have to try it.
  • Genevieve
    When I was a kid I wrote a letter that I placed in the windshield of a car and wrote : " sorry i scratch your car just a little bit. I'm sorry, call me at 555-1234 for more info " and hide. The guy came out and spend 1 hour looking around the car to find the scratch... Never found it... Kids are so good at tricks ;-)
  • Anne-Marie
    Oups, as for the trick : tell you what my mother the nurse use to do. Bandage her arm and have a colleague doctor change it but, there was a little red fish hiding underneath all the bandages!
  • Anne-Marie
    I love it. April fool's or not! Love walnuts. And who doesn't like chocolate. I've been trying to cut on caffeine and also was looking for healthy recipes with tofu. Any ideas how to replace the whipped cream ;-)tks Evelyne!
  • Johanne
    Sure, I've played a trick or two, but they were of the "paper fish, scotch-taped to the back" variety. Pretty lame, eh? ;)
  • foodie exchange
    Oh I just love walnuts and this is a great april fool's idea. Let's see can't remember playing a trick on anyone since highschool but I am sure I have.
  • That looks really good, and you could have fooled me. When I was in university we went into a big, crowded grocery store on April Fool's Day and went to a closed cash, grabbed the microphone and announced 'Lane 1 is open'. Lots of customers rushed to our cash, and weren't too impressed with our joke when they realized they had lost their place in line. Neither was the management--we should have got our groceries before our trick, because we got kicked out. :)
  • What an intresting sounding recipe ! I've been looking for recipes for silken tofu. So far I've only used it in smoothies, but this sounds like a delicious dessert to try.
  • I find this treat with walnuts is perfect for not only an April baby like myself and your Mom...but also because I do truly eat a handful of walnuts every other day. Great recipe ;o) Ciao for now, Claudia
  • Gabby
    I told my husband Abe Lincoln suffered from acorn poisoning, & that's why he had the appearance he did. He believed me for a while!

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